Day and night camera with a wide dynamic range



Day and night camera with a wide dynamic range

Product information

VC57WD is a WDR (wide dynamic range) day / night camera specially designed for professional day / night observation. During the day, the camera is characterized by a 550TV line of color image, and at night the image is converted into a real-world C / B mode (color tone removal), resulting in great resolution and sensitivity enhancement.
Unique wide dynamic range technology with intelligent and easy-to-use OSD (screen) settings gives users the optimal solution for the best image quality in a variety of situations.
The camera contains a smart CDS sensor and a dual mechanical day / night filter that shifts from color to C / B mode or back to the OSD lighting level. The specially designed power supply circuit allows the camera to operate from DC11V to DC40V and from AC15V to AC30V, maximizing device reliability for power fluctuations. This wide tolerance accepts most unstable power supplies without damage before or after installation.

Key features

  • Super Wide Dynamic Range (sWDR)
  • Easy-to-use OSD features (local and remote control)
  • Built-in C / CS lever and rear focus adjustment
  • IR-sensitive mechanical filter system for day / night mode
  • True color during the day and real X / B conversion at night
  • Built-in optical photo sensor
  • High quality 1/3 "SONY Double Scan CCD
  • High resolution 550 TV lines per day / 600 TV lines at night
  • High Improved Sensitivity 0.0001 Lux at F1.2
  • A non-scrolling picture with synchronization of 24 VAC power
  • Automatic DC / VIDEO blend
  • ID (Camera ID)
  • Digital Zoom (1x - 3x)
  • Digital Dedicated Shutter (DSS)
  • Masking of private objects
  • Power options: 12VDC, 12VDC / 24VAC, 230VAC

True Day / Night Image Transformation for 24 hours clear observation

Switch day / night
The image is converted from color to C / B mode and the cut-off IR filter is removed automatically at the OSD OSD level of illumination.
True color with blue filter / Precision focus with IR filter
This dual filter mechanism is uniquely designed to have a blue daytime filter to accurately reproduce color during the day and to have an IR focus adjustment at night, so there is no focus shifting when IR illumination is activated.

Super Wide Dynamic Range (sWDR)
The light level is controlled by the easy-to-use On-Screen Display (OSD), allowing the camera to be perfectly tuned for most different levels of backlighting or contrast.

Maximum sensitivity with the best sensor and latest technology
Used with the latest Sony Double Scan CCD sensor, VC57WD delivers the highest sensitivity of 0.0001 Lux / F1.2. In addition, the built-in Day / Night function completely eliminates the color noise noises for ultra-clear image quality at night.

Digital Dedicated Shutter (DSS)
The DSS feature allows the camera to display a bright image even in extreme darkness.

Seamlessly enhanced day and night capabilities
Does the picture convert itself between color and C / B at the right time and switches IR light on / off at the same time?
New technology for day and night management has been added to this device. An accurate image conversion control and precise operation of daytime and nighttime filter movement at the right time give reliable image capture in daytime and night-time mode.

Camera ID
Users can use the camera ID (ID) to assign a camera name. The camera ID can contain up to 15 alphanumeric characters.

Digital Zoom (1.5x, 2x, 3x)
The screen can be digitally enlarged from the on-screen menu.

Masking of private areas
When the device monitors a wide area, the captured image can be masked for personal purposes. Users can easily configure the size and location of the required private areas.

Double impulse power
(with auto synchronization)

The device has a high performance impulse power management that automatically auto-configurates for 12VDC or 24VAC and 24VAC frequency (auto-synchronization). The double-insulated power supply ensures that there is no chain to ground when multiple cameras and system equipment are used, powered by a single power source.

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