Kantech Multi-Door Controller Kits

Комплекти Kantech Multi-Door Controller

The Kantech Multi-Door Controller kits provide all the necessary hardware components in one box, from the powerful KT-300 controllers to readers and labels to complete or expand your access control system.

Perfect for the growing business

The Kantech Multi-Door Controller kits are available in two box-size models: a 28-inch package that can hold up to 4 CT-300 controllers and a 42-inch box that can hold up to 6 KT-300 controllers. You can easily add controllers to each box to reach its corresponding configuration (8 or 12 doors).

Organize and install controllers effectively

Multi-Door Controllers are ideal for large applications where space, time, and budget are important considerations. Instead of installing individual boxes for each CT-300, the Multi-Door Controller kits allow you to mount multiple CT-300 controllers in a single box. This is a valuable benefit to sites with limited space on the walls.

Multi-Door Expansion Kit (Multi-Door Extension Kit)

For added convenience, the Kantech Multi-Door Expansion Kit lets you expand your 4-door access control system. The Multi-Door Expansion Kit provides the main periphery to extend your system as additional CT-300 controllers, transformers, rechargeable batteries, etc. - all with the convenience of a model number.

Key features

  • Controls up to 8 or 12 doors per box (depending on the size of the model)
  • Pricing efficiently consolidates more CT-300 controllers into a single box to ensure accelerated installation
  • Supports all Kantech software including EntraPass Special Edition, EntraPass Corporate Edition and EntraPass Global Edition(1)
  • Order one model number to ensure you receive all hardware components at the same time
  • Expand your system in 4-door increments using the Multi-Door Expansion Kit
  • Expand your 4-door system with the Multi-Door Expansion Kit

(1) EntraPass Global Edition requires v3.17 or higher with Windows® Global Gateway and KT-NCC.

  • Комплекти Kantech Multi-Door Controller
  • Комплекти Kantech Multi-Door Controller
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