PC4020 16-zone main panel Expandable to 128 zones 2 Addressable lines for up to 128 addressable devices 8 distributions - 1500

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Bravo 3D

Bravo 3D The Bravo3D Digital PIR Sensor is recommended for larger residential, commercial and industrial installations requiring detection

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Force 2

Force 2 Microwave dual-technology PIR sensor Force2 offers two independent, high-quality motion detection systems - the perfect

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The LC-101 LC-101 uses a camera to provide reliable detection and protection against false alarms. The motion sensor is characterized by

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WS4916 Designed to provide reliable smoke detection or fire detection, the WS4916 of DSC is a low profile wireless photoelectric smoke detector,

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WS4904 WS4904 (P) Replaces WLS904PL-433 Based on Bravo® 3D Motion Detector High-Bandwidth Shutdown WLS904P is characterized by

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AMB-300 Based on Bravo®3 Wired Motion Sensor Patented MLSP (Multi-Level Signal Processing) Interchangeable Lenses: Lens Wall

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The LC-100-PI LC-100-PI effectively combines good work with competitive prices. Ideal for residential applications, the sensor is characterized by intelligent analysis of

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ST-300D PIR Strata motion detectors add mirror-optical technology to the already expanded line of intrusion detectors. Designed

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ST-301D PIR Strata Motion Detectors add mirror-optical technology to the already expanded line of intrusion sensors. Designed for

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ST-M3 PIR Strata motion detectors add mirror-optical technology to the already expanded line of intrusion sensors. Designed

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PC5601 See the state of every PowerSeries security system with a quick glance with PC5601, a three-color LED that shows the status of

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MP-700,701,704 AMP-700 Door / window contact with built-in contact AMP-701 Contact for door / window with normally closed input AMP-701NP Universal Addressable

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T-Link TL300

T-Link TL300 The T-Link Universal Talker IP Communicator (TL300) is a valuable addition to the T-Link family of Internet / network alarm communicators. Possibly

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RF5132 RF5132-433 replaces PC5132-433 32/64 wireless zone support, 16 wireless keys All wireless sensors are fully monitored for integrity

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WS4939 Adds wireless convenience to any DSC security system with the 4-button WS4939 wireless key. Using our unique wireless technology

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