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What if all devices in your life can connect to the Internet? Not just computers and smartphones, but everything: clocks, speakers, lights, doors, chambers, windows, blinds, hot water heaters, appliances, kitchen utensils. What if these devices can communicate, send you information and take your commands?

It's not science fiction - it's home automation, your intelligent home.


Home automation is exactly what it sounds like: automating the ability to control the appliances in your home. There are many categories of smart home products so you can control everything - from lights and temperature to door locks and security in your home.

Home Automation is a remote control or automatic control of home appliances. The first home automation starts with appliances such as laundries, etc. that are designed to reduce work in the household. Some automated devices work independently without the need to communicate, such as programmable lamp switches, while others are part of "The Internet of Things" (English: Internet of Things, abbr. IoT) and are networked so they can be remotely controlled and send and receive data. Devices may be connected to sensors, microcontrollers, executive devices (servo motors, stepping motors, etc. to carry out any action) as well as a communication system. The remote control can range from a simple remote or a Bluetooth smartphone to a computer or smartphone on the other end of the world connected to the Internet. Automated devices are typically connected via a Wi-Fi or electrical installation that is used for communication (Powerline communication) with a common device accessible through software. The application of this technology is very popular with: thermostats, security systems, blinds, lighting, fire detectors, and door locks.

We, from DSC we make it possible to manage every device in your home - from opening the front door, adjusting lighting and commanding air conditioners, boilers and other equipment to managing your security system - using a single device, specialized software directly from your smartphone or computer.

Make your home intelligent and independent of your hectic everyday life!

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