Power Series Neo - Emulator

Working with the Power Series Neo Touchscreen Keyboard Emulator

PowerSeries Neo - Touchscreen Emulator!

PowerSeries Neo touchscreen keypad emulator is an easy-to-use, interactive PowerSeries Neo operation booster with the Neo Touchscreen keyboard.

You can use the emulator online or offline on a desktop or laptop computer or on a mobile device in the same way that you would use a Neo keyboard!

With the emulator, you can perform various functions and interactions, including activating and deactivating the system, simulating alarms, generating alarms and bypass zones. This makes it ideal for exercise and live demonstrations.


PC version

Use the emulator online here through this web page. Simply click on the image below.



Smartphone version

Download the emulator on your mobile device and run it in online or offline mode using the Articulate Player application.

Step 1:
Download "Articulate Player" for iOS (iPad only)

Download "Articulate Player" for Android

Step 2:
Once you've installed the Articulate Player app, log in again to this page and run the emulator from the link below:

Download the Emulator here >


Basic functions

Using the emulator, you can perform the basic features of the PowerSeries Neo security system, as if you were using the PowerSeries Neo Touchscreen Keyboard.

You can simulate the following actions:

  • Turn on the system
  • Arm Away
  • Arm Stay
  • Arm in Bypass mode

  • Turn off the system
  • Using code
  • Using a chip

  • Quick Exit

  • Alarms:
  • Open the door when the system is activated
  • Open a window when the system is enabledd
  • Alarm Fire

  • See alarms and problems

  • Change the access code



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