T-Link TL300

T-Link TL300

T-Link TL300

Universal T-Link IP Alarm Communicator (TL300) is a valuable addition to the T-Link family of Internet / network alarm communicators. With the ability to communicate with any control panel (including other manufacturers) using easy-to-install Contact ID format, the TL300 saves users' money by taking advantage of their existing IP networks and security equipment to create fully-seen solutions between the sheltered home and the central monitoring station. This method provides flexible and always-on two-way communication along the line. The communication flow of the TL300 is small and requires only a narrow bandwidth of the network. This ensures that the integrity of the transmitted data will never be compromised. To reduce security risks, the module uses industry-leading 128-bit AES encryption, interrogation protection and hardware replacement.

Product characteristics

  • Compatible with any control panel that uses the Contact ID format
  • Two-way, always-on IP communication
  • through local LAN / WAN networks, or the Internet
  • 128-bit AES encryption (approved by NIST)
  • Supports DHCP (Dynamic IP Address)
  • Reports events to 2 different IP addresses on the receiver
  • Protection from requesting and replacing hardware
  • Low bandwidth requirements
  • Compatible with 10 / 100BaseT networks
  • 4 built-in programmable zone inputs (expandable to 12 using zone expander PC5108
  • 2 programmable outputs
  • Programmable from the panel keyboard or via the T-Link Console software
  • ULAA High-Line Security and ULC Level 3/4/5 listed
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