WideLux WDR external camera for super night vision



WideLux WDR external camera for super night vision

Product information

The VN70 II S is a Super WDR IR camera specially designed for professional day / night observation with a 2D / 3D adaptive noise reduction filter and built-in technology for illuminating dark areas.
600 Color Mode modes show the world's best technology. Resolution improves to 650 TVRs in I / B mode.
This device features an absolutely powerful night vision with Visionhithech's upgraded IR technology that sees up to 50 meters in full darkness and can see a clear image at least 2 times longer than Sony's conventional high-performance Ex-view cameras .
The device has passed an IP67 test and guarantees a lack of moisture condensation on the glasses under all adverse weather conditions.
The cable hidden in the console and the external focus adjustment make maintenance easy.

Special features

  • All-in-One solution with IR illuminator, outdoor mount, solar hood and console
  • Patented IIRP (Intelligent IR Protection) technology ensures extended life cycle of IR illuminator
  • Perfect radiator with closed contacts between IR LED set and outer housing
  • Intelligent IR Image Compensation
  • Patented SFOCAS Technology (Self-Compensation of Anti-Shift Focus)
  • Actively switch day / night using a built-in CDS sensor to reflect the subject's level of illumination
  • No IR reflection with split glasses
  • External focus adjustment
  • The cable is hidden in the console
  • Perfect 3 Axis Mounting

General features

  • Super wide dynamic range
  • 600TV (Daytime) / 650TVorder (Night)
  • 2D / 3DNR (Noise Reduction)
  • 2.8-12mm / 4-9mm / 9-22mm / 5-50mm. lens
  • Motion Detection
  • Built-in IR / IR night-time built-in mechanical filter system
  • DIS (Digital Image Stabilization)
  • Illumination of the dark parts
  • RS-485 interface (Pelco-D)
  • IP67 watertightness
  • 12VDC / 24VAC non-polar power supply
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