Kyo 4/8/8G


KYO 4 and KYO 8 are the smallest Control panels of the range, KYO 4 has 4 zones and KYO 8 has 8 zones. Especially designed for small domestic to medium commercial applications, both systems provide the same functions, and have 4 completely independent partitions, all with Stay/Away control (Stay mode can be activated with or without entry delay). The system can be controlled from LED or LCD Keypads or, on Reader enhanced systems, via digital keys and proximity cards. All the KYO 4 inputs, and six of the KYO 8 inputs accept vibration and roller-blind detectors (no Interface needed). Both systems can be programmed via LCD keypad or Computer. The easy-to-follow “Tree-view” menus allow the Installer to program the systems without the aid of the Installer Manual. Both Control panels are equipped with multi-protocol digital Diallers for all Central Station communications. NC2/VOX board enhanced systems can manage up to 8 voice messages, for a total of 90 seconds message time, and up to 8 telephone numbers for digital or voice Diallers. The KYO 8/4 partitions can be auto-armed independently on a weekly basis. The panel can also be controlled via remote DTMF telephone.