Strata's PIR motion detectors add mirror-optical technology to the already expanded line of intrusion sensors. Designed for applications where there is no compromise, Strata uses precision-crafted mirror optics with advanced microprocessor control to provide the cutting edge of infrared motion detection capabilities, while maintaining true immunity to false alarms. By using a high-resolution mirror instead of a lens, Strata allows larger amounts of infrared energy to be collected and focused directly to its detection component for superb motion detection.


Product characteristics

  • Precision mirror optics with high reflectance
  • Digital analysis of the solid detection signal in the coverage chart
  • Digital temperature compensation
  • Patented multi-level signal processing (MLSP)
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Hinged mounting bracket for easy positioning of the sensor and flexibility of installation
  • Hidden channel for wires
  • A unique lid hinge allows the sensor to be mounted in a ceiling.
  • Easily accessible screw terminals
  • Removable mirrors
  • Attractive, modern look


Accuracy Detection

Patented multi-level signal processing (MLSP) to provide more accurate detection of the infrared energy of humans over a wide range of temperatures. The sensor has the ability to maximize human detection, while at the same time protecting against sources of false alarms such as radio disturbances, air currents and insects.


Sensitivity adjustment

Loss can work in "normal" (high sensitivity) or "unfavorable" (low sensitivity) modes with minimal reduction of the security chart.



  • ST-300D "A"
  • ST-301D A-contact alarms and tamper switch
  • ST-302D Alarm C-shaped contact and tamper switch
  • ST-M3 Optional mirror "curtain"