Questions and Answers [FAQ]

[Question]: What protection does the DSC provide?

[Reply]: 1. Local protection - sound and light signals, and when an alarm event rings the ones in them - telephone / GSM

2. When observing and guarding objects - the plants send immediately and automatically full information about the status of the sites under phone and / or radio and / or GPRS and / or GSM and / or internet transmitters to the monitoring center.


[Question]: What information does the DSC transmit?

[Reply]: alarm - Disturbance or fire in an area, specifying exactly in which area the event occurred

priority - fire reports, emergency medical help, and panic triggered by the keypad of the alarm station or an extra "panic" button to the three institutions

information about turning on and off the system - with which code and how many hours the system is activated or deactivated

service info for - power failure in the secured facility, weak battery of the plant, physical damage to the elements, the alarm system or the transmitter

the transmitters also send a broken line telephone message

video information - TV image for the state of the subject in case of a situation (alarm, priority, on and off)


[Bakers]: What are the benefits of DSC security systems?

[Reply]: Information from DSC signaling and fire alarm systems is automatically sent to the monitoring center.

- All the information from the secured site is sent directly to the stakeholders within a few seconds

- the stakeholders acquire a realistic picture of the behavior of the security and fire alarm systems of the guarded object

- continuous technical control over the system is ensured

- ensuring the confidentiality of the information transmitted

- Incoming information is printed on a printer

- Possibility to provide television surveillance over the subject and video recording of alarm situations


[Bakers]: What kinds of alarm events are there? What is their meaning?

[Reply]: 1. Alarm zone - trigger specific sensor:

PIR sensor (triggered in motion)

- for glass (triggered by broken glass or similar sound)

- Magnetic sensor (triggered when opening a door or window)

shooter sensor (triggered by vibration)

2. Fire alarm - triggered by raising the temperature in the area of the fire detector, smoke in the room, at the sensors exposure to dusting and contamination

3. Fire alarm from keyboard  - Pressing a fire alarm key on the keypad is triggered

4. Panic alarm -  is triggered when pressed BPW (Radio Panic Button) - stationary or manual

5. Panic alarm from keypad - it is triggered by pressing a panic button on the keyboard

6.  Panic Alarm Force - sent on activation / deactivation of the system by a client at the intervention of another person. When entering a special code, the system is activated / deactivated while sending Panic Alarm

7. Whole object alarm -  sent by systems that are not DSC (other plants)


[Question]: What are the main duties of the client when working with the alarm system

[Reply]: 1. Test the system - the prevention of problems with the alarm system is carried out with regular inspection and maintenance. We recommend that you check your system monthly! The system test is done in several steps:

- Before carrying out any activity on the alarm system, please notify the SOD DSC monitoring center (tel: 052/635077 or 0886/444548)

- Perform the Siren / Accumulator test by pressing * 6 (master code) 4. The siren and the keypad will sound for 2 seconds and all the lights on the keypad will light up. Press # to exit the test.

- Activate each sensor individually, such as open the door / window or walk in the motion sensor perimeter (pay attention to objects in front of or around the sensor that may interfere with its normal operation). When activating the sensor, make sure that the zone light is on if you have an LED keypad or if the zone number is displayed if you have an LCD display on the keyboard.

- When you complete the system test, notify the monitoring center again and seek advice if you have found a malfunction.

Note: during a system test (and at any other time) attempts to open, remove or move sensors, the control panel, the radio transmitter and all peripheral modules on the alarm system are forbidden!

2. Radio Panic Button Test Button (if any)

- Before carrying out any activity on the alarm system, please notify the SOD DSC monitoring center (tel: 052/635077 or 0886/444548)

- Hold the remote control button for 3-4 seconds and wait for confirmation to receive the signal from the on duty (if a problem is detected, it will take the necessary action to remove it)

Note: In the event of an incorrect, accidental and frequent activation of the Radio Panic Button without notification to the monitoring center, a penalty is imposed on the Security Agreement!

3. Other obligations

- When the system is triggered by your fault, please notify the SOD DSC monitoring center (tel: 052/635077 or 0886/444548)

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