Kyo 300

Kyo 300, СОД DSC - Варна
The KYO 300


The KYO 300 is the flagship model of the KYO range. It is the perfect solution for all applications. From the luxury home to the Bank — and everything in between. With the creation of the KYO 300 Bentel wishes to consolidate its position as forerunner in the design and manufacture of Security panels. The KYO 300 has 8 zones, expandable to 296 zones by means of 32 expander modules (6 inputs per module), 32 Keypads (2 zones per keypad), and a Wireless Receiver (32 inputs). All zones are fully programmable, the zone type, attributes and balance type (7 balance types are available) can be programmed as per requirements. The system can be divided into 32 independent partitions — all with Stay/Away control (Stay mode can be activated with or without entry delay). All peripherals can be connected to the 4-wire serial bus. The system can be controlled from LCD Keypads or, on Reader enhanced systems, via digital keys or proximity cards. The KYO300 is equipped with a multi-protocol digital Dialler that manages 50 telephone numbers for Central Station communications. The KYO300 system provides a K3-AuxCom auxiliary digital communicator; that can send information to central stations even in the event of system deadlock. K3/VOX voice board enhanced systems can manage 64 voice messages, in cascade, for a total message time of 8 minutes. The KYO300 scheduler can be programmed on a Daily, Weekly or Yearly basis. The scheduler can be programmed to Arm/Disarm the 32 partitions and enable/disable outputs, user codes, digital keys and proximity cards. The system can also be controlled from remote MF telephone.